Hello! I am Liv, also known as AnEditOfFashion, and you have arrived at the threshold of style! I am 14 years old and am proud to represent my generation’s style as something that can be incredibly versatile and quirky, just like me. (We don’t all don shredded shorts for school, you know.) I love to write all about style, recent (or not so recent but still amazing) runway shows and lead DIY tutorials on my blog. I want your awareness of young people’s personal style to increase. If you’re my age, get out there and start writing. Leave me a comment or two while you’re at it and we might start a teenage revolution! 😉

I write for Bright Lite Magazine, and you can find one of my articles here.


  • I don’t care about your eyebrows, but your grammar better be on point. (You probably forgot the “-ly”.) And Oxford commas are important. 
  • I love making pins and stickers, collaging, writing fiction, combing through the archives of Tavi’s blog, eating fried eggs, making zines, researching riot grrrl culture, thrift shopping (Goodwill is the place for anything and everything), and watching Freaks and Geeks, Parks and Rec, and My So-Called Life. 
  • I wish I lived in the 1990s.


I have always been fascinated with the names for a collective group of the same animal, like a murder of crows. Come here for an edit of fashion: a funnier, more fun, quirkier version of what you’ll find on most fashion-y websites and blogs.

Have a fashion-filled day and conquer the world (preferably in some jellies or Docs).

~Liv  ❤