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Hey! I’m Liv, also known as An Edit of Fashion. I started this blog just after I turned 11, and it’s evolved over time. I am now 14, and use my little space on the Internet to use writing and art to explore the intersections of fashion, literature, and activism. Teenagers are changing the game right now, and I’m excited to continue using my platform to inform and inspire. Here, you’ll find everything from book reviews to opinions on fashion shows to art.

I love exploring riot grrrl culture and what it means to be a teenage feminist in the twenty-first century. I’m always reading, drawing, making zines, or collaging. I can also be found searching for unique clothing pieces at my local Goodwill.

I have always been fascinated with the names for a collective group of the same animal, like a murder of crows. Come here for an edit of fashion: a funnier, more fun, quirkier version of what you’ll find on most fashion-y websites and blogs. My blog is always expanding with me as I define myself through more creative outlets.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope we can collaborate! Email me at aneditoffashion@gmail.com or send me a comment down below!