summer lights

Summer is the time to refresh wardrobes and open windows. One version of summer style I have been inspired by is made up of clothes with light and subtle color palettes and classic, cool shapes. The following is more like a mood board than anything, based loosely around components like white linen and light wash denim. For example, the featured Mara Hoffman Spring ’17 RTW and No. 21 Resort ’18 collections had similar vibes with their utilization of the “uncolor” white and multiple models in each shot. Here are my breezy summer inspirations, which are connected by white and a minimalistic but easy sensibility.

Mara Hoffman Spring ’17 RTW

These two looks feel very ’60s/’70s to me.

Mara Hoffman’s eye for color and pattern comes out in this warm-toned look.

A pop of bright blue livens up the subdued collection.

This reminds me of photographer Ophelie Rondeau’s project Ophelie and the Girls which, as her website states, is “based on the concepts of symmetry and repetition”.


No. 21 Resort 2018

Just like I enjoy backstage photos of runway shows, when the models are more at ease and not projecting fictional personalities onto the clothing, I think that having a group of models in one photo at the same time brings about a better sense of the garments they are wearing. Maybe it’s the author in me, but I feel like I can imagine the stories behind the clothes more clearly by wondering how each subject in the photograph relates to the other(s).

Trade-mark and Altuzarra SS17 earrings are shown above. I like the long, simple disc shape of the Trade-mark earrings and the artful shape of the Altuzarra ones, which seems to manipulate the material. They seem to belong in a modern art installation more than anywhere else.



a advertisement

Look 11

A shot from the very French lookbook of Jeanne Damas’s line Rouje.


These are all photographs from the Instagram account of the Instagram-run vintage shop @courtyard_la. Again, very similar, if not more than the Mara Hoffman collection, to Ophelie and the Girls.

I am glad I finally got all of these things that have been inspiring me lately into one post, which always helps me get to the root of why certain clothing items or photographs are visually appealing to me at a certain time.

Have a good summer!


Mara Hoffman and No. 21 photos courtesy Trade-mark photo courtesy Altuzarra photo courtesy


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