Velvet, Velvet, Velvet!

Velvet is officially a thing. Since it’s so trendy (insert the guiltiest of guilty faces here) this fall, lots of fast fashion retailers are buying in on it. And, as your ever faithful guide, I’m here to show you the best of the best.

Among other retailers, chains Urban Outfitters and Zara have introduced whole collections based around the fabric. UO’s All in Velvet collection features dresses mainly from label Kimchi Blue. Zara’s Deep Velvet showcases not only the ever-popular dress, but also tops, trousers, and even shoes.

Urban Outfitters


One surprising trend I noticed among both collections was the use of yellow. Urban Outfitters chose a paler butter yellow, while Zara went with a brighter, almost tangerine hue. Zara kept it classic with slinkier slip-dress shapes and maxi and mini lengths, while UO went short and swingy with more casual frocks and rompers. 

 Urban Outfitters

1- Kimchi Blue Vanessa Velvet Fit + Flare Romper in Bright Yellow; $69

3-Kimchi Blue Velvet Strappy-Back Mini Frock Dress in Silver; $69

5-Kimchi Blue Vanessa Velvet Fit + Flare Romper in Grey; $69


2-Long Velvet Dress in Grey; $69.90

3-Short Velvet Dress in Grapefruit Yellow; $29.90

4-Velvet Dress in Yellow; $29.90

I would also suggest trying places like eBay and local thrift/vintage stores for velvet pieces. Online, you might find an old dress you love in deadstock, which gives more options for color and size. 

I hope this helps you with your foray into velvet (be it used, new, online, in store), but if you’re an expert, please share your knowledge in the comments! 




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