Samantha Pleet

I have followed unicorn Samantha Pleet on Instagram for a while now/have obsessed over every detail on every single garment, though I have yet to introduce her magical work to any of you! I think a few words to describe her girl’s style are zany, sarcastic, and just plain magical. 🔮

A drawing I did of the designer and her cat

Her pieces are very thought-provoking, through the patterns, embroidery, and clever photography and styling on her website. Given all of this, however, her clothing is still very wearable, with separates encouraging mixing and matching. Pleet uses prints very well, but can also pare down to re-imagined basics with more interesting shapes and detailing. 

The photography is so charming and sells the clothing so well, with the set design and models’ poses, that her “catalogue” feels more like a photo spread in Lula than anything else. 

From the Castaway Swimsuit and Coven Bodysuit to dresses with names like “Charmed” and “Morticia”, Pleet works in many inspirations for her various collections. Then there are inspirations appearing to range from 60s retro (Spring/Summer 2015) to my very favorites, her witchier collections (such as Fall/Winter 2016). Her signature, though, is a knotted twist at the midriff, the “Tabernacle”: 

The brand is supported by the likes of Tavi Gevinson, Meredith Graves, and Solange:


The retro SS15 Collection

Window embroidery for the SS16 Collection

Clever details with the Ritual cape and Braid shirt

More favorites: the Passion dress and Nine Lives tee and Be Mine jeans

The Secret Garden romper


Young, fresh silhouettes, with a variety of choices for each print, mod references, embroidery, tongue-in-cheek textiles, and amazing names to top it all off make Samantha Pleet a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. 

Thank you for reading, and I hoped I’ve convinced you to hop on the Samantha Pleet train, which should totally be a thing (I mean, she geotags her photos on Instagram as the “Samantha Pleet Dream House”)! 

And one last magical photo by Amber Mahoney from the SS16 Collection to top it all off: 



Photos courtesy of Tavi Gevinson’s Instagram, Getty Images, and Samantha Pleet’s Instagram. All photos of clothing from 


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