Bastille Day

Bastille Day is a lesser-known holiday, at least in the states, but in can be just as much fun, or more fun, to celebrate than the Fourth of July. On July 14th, the French celebrate French National Day, which honors the Storming of the Bastille and the Fête de la Fédération. Sure, in America you won’t get off work to celebrate Bastille Day, and you won’t get to see fireworks or parades in all the cities (however, places like Boston and Chicago, and the French Quarters of New Orleans and San Francisco host celebrations, among other major cities), but it’s a holiday I like to reserve a little time for every year. I’ll dress up all French-y, and have some chocolate mousse or quiche or something like that. Keep on reading and in no time you’ll be on your way to hosting the only Bastille Day party on the block!


On Bastille Day, I like to stick to a more classic style, which consists of a lot of red, black, white, and blue, and of course some stripes! I’ve worn this outfit before and just felt very Parisian, so I thought it would be the perfect thing to wear.


The top might just be the softest thing ever. We see the lines with the v-neck and the stripes, and the three-quarter length sleeves allow you to wear it whenever.

This jacket is the perfect bright red, and the sleeves are the same length as the top, which makes them a perfect pair. I love the style, what with the zippered pockets, exposed zipper, and the collar. (EEK…..ZIPPERS!!!!!)



I like the lighter, faded wash of these jeans because it makes them feel more summery. When you cuff your jeans, you’re given a cropped look that adds to the lines of your outfit. These are a mid-rise style, but they come up pretty high, above my belly button, so I think it’s safe to say that this style is high-waisted enough for me!




Sometimes it gets too hot to wear a beret in the summer. That’s when you can take out your bobby pins and use them like a pro!!!!! I like to line them up in a row on one side of my head, using three or five. I have multiple colors, but the ones I’ll be using are a crisp, classic white. They feel fresh for summer and complement my top. This quick hairstyle is easy and modern-looking, and bobby pins are always my go-to since they provide a sort of rigid architecture for the hair.



I think these glasses are so unflattering they’re kind of cool.


The socks are perfect for this look because they’re bold and graphic. Since they are made of a transparent mesh, they are breathable for warmer weather, and the red on the top draws attention to my bold lip and the statement clutch. In this outfit, there are horizontal stripes EVERYWHERE! This look is all about the lines.


You can see even more lines with the basket weave of the shoes. The minty color reflects the socks, too. You can never go wrong with jelly shoes. They have the blocky heel that I love, and give you height comfortably. They’re cute, playful, go with everything, and water-proof! (What, what?) Wear them with socks when it’s colder or without socks when it’s warmer, or vice versa.


Top: Dleione

Jacket: Forever 21

Jellies: American Apparel

Socks: American Apparel

Jeans: Old Navy

Sunglasses: Nine West

Lipstick: L’Oreal 402: Blake’s Red

Bobby Pins: Bumble and bumble


I will be having a picnic on Bastille Day, and of course I’ll need some food to go in my basket. Ever since I started celebrating the holiday three years ago, I’ve been eating quiche on Bastille Day. Quiche is like a savory pie, and it’s good hot right when you make it and cold as morning leftovers. It’s really, really, really rich, and buttery and eggy and creamy and the crust is all crumbly and I could go. on. for. days. So…I will just stop here. Almost anything is good in a quiche (spinach, broccoli, bacon, any type of cheese ever…). I like quiche Lorraine, which is pretty basic: Gruyere or Swiss and bacon, and of course, eggs. There are tons of recipes out there, and I’ll include links to a few here, here, and here.

Chocolate mousse is also a French favorite, but beware: it requires some waiting. Otherwise, it’s easy–just include a healthy dose of patience in the ingredients list. (You do have to chill your mousse for at least six hours, after all!) Chill while it chills with some of the entertainments listed below.

And then, if you want a lighter, overall less rich dessert alternative to accompany your quiche, why not just head over to the grocery store and buy some Bomb Pops? They look like French flags, they’re summery (hey, they are popsicles), and they’re a crowd pleaser for kids and adults alike.


You’ll need some music, so try Christine and the Queens and Bastille (I know, I know…).

Zoe de la Cases’s Parisian Street Style coloring book is lots of fun, so use Bastille Day as an excuse to go buy it. The paper is pretty thick, so whip out your pencils and your pens, and you can embellish with other elements like sequins, thin beads, or patterned papers. Its smaller, journal-like format makes it the perfect portable coloring book.

The short animated film A Cat in Paris is also a great way to entertain yourself. It’s about a mute girl named Zoe who discovers her sly cat is involved in something much more sinister than she would have ever imagined. Plus No. 1: It was nominated for an Oscar. Plus No. 2: It’s on Netflix.


And at the end of this post, I ask you, why is American society so obsessed with “French women’s style”? By doing this, we’re stereotyping one culture/place, and I realize that. That outfit wasn’t inspired by the French women of today; it was inspired by the picture of Paris inside my head (there is much more to France than Paris). In no way am I saying that is how all French women have to dress, or do dress, or have ever dressed, but I am saying that if I walked by the Eiffel Tower every day and had Brigitte Bardot hair, that is how I would dress because I have conjured up a fantasy in my mind and thought of it as a reality and that is how I imagine it. We all imagine things differently–how do you imagine it?



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