Summer Style Tribes

In my attempts to write more this summer, I have employed the only-sometimes-failing tactic of having an ongoing project on the blog. So this summer that will be a super-fun one: summer style aesthetics!!! I realize aesthetic is such an over-used, slightly cliche word nowadays with some pretty hashtaggy connotations. But it describes what this project is all about: creating a kind of non-existent digital photoshoot with a ton of images from all over. I will basically be inventing different styles that I think different types of people would employ during the summer. However, since the word aesthetic doesn’t directly relate to style, I’m taking a cue from Lula Magazine and calling them summer style tribes. I saw an editorial about them in their latest issue after I’d come up with this, so why not? Besides, now you have to find out what Lula is. Ha!!!!! (Don’t worry–this was not a sponsored message. But hint, hint, Lula, it could be soon…) Just kidding!! Oh well, I hope you check back and see how I’m doing with these style tribes!

P.S. Let me know if there are any style tribes you’d like to see me write about! Think book characters, eras, summer vacation spots…the possibilities are endless!


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