Two Swimwear Brands You NEED To Know About

It may be May (no pun intended), but summer is quickly approaching. This is a short and snappy post about two swimwear brands I recently discovered and am completely obsessed with. Although this will not be my only swimwear post this summer, I know orders are being sent away already, and so it seems fitting that  I introduce you to Marysia and Batoko!


This L.A.-based swimwear company has suddenly been appearing everywhere, and I am in love with it. The signature scalloped edges are very youthful and add great detail to otherwise classic, simple suits. The suits come in lots of colors, from sandy neutrals to bright orange-reds, along with a stripe and a hibiscus floral, and are named after different locations such as Santa Barbara and Venice.


I love halters for swimwear, and the Mott Bikini is a favorite of mine. Not only does the warm yellow basically sum up summer (it’s called papaya), but the playful separates can be mixed and matched with other pieces.



Oh, Batoko, how I love thee! 😉 These swimsuits are all about re-introducing the beauty of the classic one-piece. The patterns or phrases on the suits are often pop culture-inspired. It is very difficult to find patterned, cute swimsuits in adult sizes, and this UK brand is here to save the day!


The mint color is fresh and new, and the cactus-print reflects everyone’s recent obsession with cacti. The almost cartoon-y print is perfect for some fun in the sun. (Wow, that was cheesy.)


Well, that’s it for today! I hope you have found some inspiration in these favorite suits of mine and wish you luck on your quest for the favorite swimsuit!




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