Marc Jacobs Gives Us The Perfect Punk Princess in Platforms

Okay, so, everyone probably already knows all about Mr. Jacobs’s fabulously dark runway show for New York Fashion Week, but I decided I’d do a piece on it anyways. I was happily surprised when I saw the black lipstick, impossibly high platform boots, and gargantuan coat worn by none other than Lady Gaga (whom, might I say, it seems like the whole collection was designed for). The models were slender girls from the grave, juxtaposed with stiff, sculptural coats and wide, voluminous skirts. Floor-skimming dresses, feathers, capes, the models were harlequin birds of prey. Babydoll dresses adorned with strips of black-and-white fabric, leather, pinstriped culottes and shoulder-padded blazers, optical illusions, spiders, anti-playful polka dots, the list goes on and on. Bleached brows and smudged, gothic eyeshadow completed the models’ looks. Marc Jacobs packed his show chock-full of inspiration and an otherworldly beauty.

The setting truly set the tone for the show as well. With a minimal, circular room that the models walked around and only a few eerie chimes to pierce the silence, all the attention was on the models.

The show would not have been complete if even one of the looks was removed, but I did have to narrow down the 65-look collection to a few (or more) favorites in the slideshow. Down below I have individually reviewed a couple of the looks.


This is a great look for many reasons. First of all, the sweater and the non-aligned applique. Then, the dramatic, oversize doily-like collar, which injects some ladylike elements into the casual sweater. I also love the abstract shapes and pockets on the skirt. The slouchy, hands-in-pockets attitude of the model is a perfect opposite to the collar and the flouncy skirt.


Can we just talk about this skirt? The floral cutouts in the shiny leather of the skirt are the best! They take some of the edge off the fabric without trying too hard, and are a great detail. If you couldn’t tell already, I am in love with this look.


Firstly, it is a baby doll dress. It also has a gigantic spider and her furry friends on it. Oh, yeah, there are polka dots! And the ribbons, too! The sheer polka dot effect on the yoke, echoed in the skirt, and the different sizes of polka dots really tied this look together for me. Honestly, there is only one emoji to sum up this floaty goth masterpiece:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Marc Jacobs’s shows have been getting darker and darker, and I, for one, am starting to like it. Let me know how you feel about this collection by commenting. Thanks for reading!

Yours ’til the lady ga gas,



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