Hey, guys! I realize that I haven’t done very many outfit posts, so I decided to share these two outfits inspired by the Momiji doll Chatty, a retro girl with a telephone on her head (and, yes, I know how weird that sounds). I chose Chatty out of my three doll collection (her, Adventure, and Alex), because of her sophisticated, yet heirloomish qualities, from the warmer gold tones to her primarily black-and-white outfit. This photo shoot was a collaboration with vogueandunicorns, and it was a lot of fun to work on it with her. I hope that you will check out her blog–we have both been blogging for a year now!

The first outfit I put together is below:



I love this outfit because the frivolous-ness of the top is juxtaposed by the simpler pant. Fun fact: the purse is actually reversible, and the current inside is a white pearl and matte white stripe. I like this top because it has a French romantic-era feel to it. (Check out the Nancy Drew mystery The Secret in the Old Lace).


The striking contrast between the blacks and whites of the top and pants are so Chatty; she is coy, yet strong, hard, yet soft, classic, yet sophisticated and modern.


I chose this top for the outfit because it was off-white: the not-quite-perfect coloring gives it the almost heirloomy quality of Chatty’s classic look.


Close-up on the intricate pattern of the top

The top is by Gracia, the pants are from Target, the sunglasses are from Forever 21, the sandals are by Chinese Laundry, and the purse is from my mom’s vintage collection.



The second outfit was a bit more proper and less casual than the first one. As this one is more formal, I would suggest wearing the likes of it to a party, etc.


This look was a bit more fun, but still kept with Chatty’s style aesthetic. I love the telephone cable texture and feel of the white plastic stripes on the handbag, which just make it more Chatty-ish.


This top also has a lacy quality to it, although it is more structured, which makes it look nice with the intensely voluminous skirt.


Chatty came in the cute take-out-inspired box I am holding above.


The textured white stripes on the purse look like they are made from a plastic-y telephone cord (perfect for Chatty)!

The top is by H&M, the skirt is from Target, the sunglasses are the same ones from Forever 21, the shoes are by A’mano, and the purse is from my mom’s vintage collection.


Although nothing I was wearing had buttons, I wanted to include this cute button cover because of its similarities to the dial on Chatty’s shirt.

Vogueandunicorns also put together two outfits:


Best Friends                                                   Gomi

I personally love her Gomi outfit (and the shoes), and here is her complete Dollhouse post.

Our soundtrack for the photo shoot was Melanie Martinez’s album “Crybaby”, and the track “Dollhouse” was especially appropriate, as our outfits were inspired mainly by dolls and the sweet, innocent personalities they exude.

I hope you were inspired by our outfits and that you will give Momiji dolls a chance. (When you turn them upside-down, there is a little slot that you can insert a message or note into, which makes them the perfect, personalizable gift for a friend.)



Also, the skirt I am wearing in the second look is the same skirt from my Feminine Florals…AnEditOfFashion-ified post, just in a different pattern!











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