1 Year Anniversary with the Internet, a Ridiculously Glittery Place

Oh. My. Gosh. It is January 22, 2016, and that means that it’s this blog’s one-year anniversary with the gigantic galaxy we call…the internet (dun, dun, dun)! It is still hard for me to imagine that my blog actually exists, even after writing and editing and re-writing all 70 posts and trying to get my cats to read it (not a great marketing idea).

I am ecstatic that along the way I also introduced many friends to blogging: there is some awesome, wacky, fashiony stuffage going on over at vogueandunicorns.wordpress.com, there are yummy recipes and fantastic posts perfect for any aspiring food writer at reviewsrecipesrestaurants.wordpress.com (pretty self-explanatory), and there is the just-getting-started-but-sure-to-be-amazing, witty, book-loving blog owlshoyu.wordpress.com.

I hope that you readers have at least half-enjoyed this journey with me and will stay on the train to amazingness for a year more.



P.S. I know that a lot of those words you just read were not real words, but once in a while you just have to let out your inner Dr. Suess.


Image courtesy of Wikipedia.com.


One thought on “1 Year Anniversary with the Internet, a Ridiculously Glittery Place

  1. vogueandunicorns says:

    Happy Anniversary! Haha. I absolutely love your site, and thank so much for introducing me to the world of blogging! Vogueandunicorns probably wouldn’t exist without you. 🙂


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