No.21 Pre-Fall 2016, or 2016 Will be Magnificent!

I practically started dancing around the room when I saw Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s latest collection for No. 21. The over-sized clothing (everything from gargantuan bows to deconstructed coats) and large lace prints that somehow remained unfeminine even when paired with skirts or mixed with two-tone pants pleased me. The garments clashed with each other in the most whimsical way. Some of the shoes, especially a pair of chunky burgundy heels, were almost closed-toe versions of these Miu Miu pumps. I immensely enjoyed this collection, and it was difficult to choose which looks I would feature below.

Without further ado, I introduce No. 21 Pre-Fall 2016!!!

No. 21 Pre-Fall 2016

The rainbow-bright stripes on the sweater liven up the otherwise army green outfit. I love the pockets on the jacket, and the glittery kitten heels add a feminine vibe. The metallic clutch is a nice pop as well.

No. 21 Pre-Fall 2016

As with his first look, Dell’Acqua used exposed pockets on the garments. Anything with pockets, specifically dresses and skirts, I instantly fall in love with. Even though there is the green lace top and the beaded cat pin, the faded plaid shirt takes away from the ultra-femininity.

No. 21 Pre-Fall 2016

The gold metallic handbag and shoes bring out the hidden warmth of this tie-waist coat. Do not be deceived by this seemingly simplistic look, as there are many exceptional details.

No. 21 Pre-Fall 2016

The cat theme from the second look is echoed in the motif on this knit sweater, as well as the mini skirt. The exaggerated, pointed collar on the top hints of playfulness and adds color to another beige look.

No. 21 Pre-Fall 2016

The two-tone pleated skirt is very on-trend, especially with the longer midi length. The shape of the top could have been harsh had it been constructed in a different material, and all the gold and silver lame is slippery and reminiscent of other collections. The metallic fabric also connects all the looks, as most are accessorized with some gold and silver shoes and purses.

No. 21 Pre-Fall 2016

Since this baby blue lace top is over-sized, and the floral pattern is very large, it goes well with the slouchy cuffed pants. The kitten heels add a hint of sparkle and glamour.

No. 21 Pre-Fall 2016

First of all, the shoes remind me of a motorcycle jacket…And then, there is the star, this two-toned dress with a gigantic bow. Although it is not normally something I would go for, it is anything but delicate.

No. 21 Pre-Fall 2016

This ruffled dress reflects the pleats from former looks, and the model is again wearing a floral headband. (The cohesion of the accessories creates flow between the eclectic ensembles.) I also like the ruffle on the toes of the heels.

No. 21 Pre-Fall 2016

In my opinion, this sheer look is the most romantic of the collection. The layered, filmy black netting almost looks like feathers, and the fragile nude and black ruffles on the sleeveless bodice are lovely.

No. 21 Pre-Fall 2016

Again we have some netting and sheer material, this tine stars layered over lace. This creates a textured material with a depth that is pleasing to the eye. The vertical stripes are offset by the black of the coat, and I love the pattern mixing.

No. 21 Pre-Fall 2016

Lastly, we have a version of the coat from the last look you saw. I like that the stripes are bolder and take up more space on the textile. I liove the surprise of the wide strip of black fur trim is shiny and similar to the quilting on the back. The colorful, tribal-inspired scarf is beautiful, as are the embellished socks.

All in all, the nonchalant luxury of this collection really inspired me. Who knows, I may do some drawings of the collection and post them if I get the time!

Thanks for reading and have a bedazzled day!!!




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