Similar Muses

I noticed similarities between the Gucci Resort 2016 Collection and the Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear collections. Miuccia Prada included python in her collection for Miu Miu, and the Gucci collection included snakeskin as well. The models for those two shows also wore sunglasses-a trend among Miu Miu ad campaigns and collections.


Miu Miu Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear:

Miuccia Prada strikes again with a textured, opulent collection, complete with python skirts, python detailing, structured tops, and buckled shoes. Although the colors Prada paired together contrasted, it all made sense in the end. The last look shown in the collage here is my favorite. The jacket is to die for!!!! The pink python pockets are reflected in the pink stripe of the plaid. I also enjoy the lipstick red hue of the mini dress, which will pop anywhere. The collection is classic Miu Miu all the way, although as you will learn as you read the rest of this, other designers are taking inspiration from this great Italian designer.

Images courtesy of Monica Feudi


Marc Jacobs Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear:

Marc Jacobs’ collection was a mish-mash of clothing for different events-there were sequins, plaid vests, leopard-print collars, black gloves, you name it. It was opulent, exciting, lavish, shimmery. The details and layers of well-made clothing captured my attention from every angle. These are my two favorite looks from his fashion show, which have aspects in similar to the Gucci and Miu Miu shows, explained in the last paragraph. I love the colors in the first look shown, and the sleeves are fabulous. The colors of the vest in the second look are extremely different but pleased me all the same; I also enjoyed the exaggerated collar. The sweeping skirt makes sense to me in the mysterious, dark second look, and the shorter style makes the outfit more feminine but not overwhelming, as the long vest is more of a sleeveless coat.


 Images courtesy of Gianni Pucci

Gucci Resort 2016:

Gucci designer Alessandro Michele played with geometric prints and movable fabrics, as seen in the first two looks, but contrasted with quilting (Look 1), reptile skin (Look 5) , and pastels (Looks 1 and 4). I enjoyed the quirkiness of this collection that reflected the classical themes of recent Dolce & Gabanna collections. Michele obviously took into consideration a different muse, a different lifestyle when creating this collection. It left behind the sleekness often reminiscent with Gucci for a more vibrant, textured, geek chic approach at fashion.

                                                Images courtesy of Gucci


First of all, these two orange and pink with a touch of green, plaid coats look quite similar:


Secondly, all three collections included a ton of pastel, bubblegum pink, most notably the Gucci show. Whether it was just a hint, as seen in the Miu Miu collection, or if it served as the background for a pattern in Marc Jacobs, it stood out:


Third, all the collections reminded me of a librarian with a bank account. The looks were layered and embroidered and textured beyond belief, and the eyewear, headwraps, shoes, and bows completed them:


Don’t you think these collections look like they should be shown and worn together? If you notice any similarities between other collections, let me know in the comments section.


Yours ’til the Miu Mius,








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