New York Fashion Week!!!

As some of you may know, New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow, September 10th, with some fabulous designers. There are tons of shows to watch, but I decided to choose a couple designers whose collections I am especially looking forward to come fashion week. 

Mara Hoffman

Of course, New York Fashion Week could not be New York Fashion Week without Mara Hoffman. From her kaleidoscopic swimwear to her simpler white linen ensembles, Mara Hoffman is a very versatile designer. 

Here are three photographs by Charles Freger from a photo shoot set in Normandy for her Fall 2015 collection:

 Can I say enough about this fabulous cape? The colors are toned-down, not her typical brights as seen below, but the infamous Mara Hoffman print stays true to the brand. The optical illusion-y star pattern startIng at the neck is fresh and sophisticated, yet still playful. Spread your wings!


This textured drew to the right is gorgeous; I love how the furry stuff is towards the bottom and doesn’t make the top all puffy. The bright colors really just make me want to smile, and the coat is great. It will brighten up any winter and with the shades of brown, fits right into the rugged landscape of the photo shoot. 
Lela Rose

I love Lela Rose’s inspirations for her collections that she describes on her website. They stay true to the collection look by look and help you interpret the garments: they’re not just pieces of clothing, they have stories galore to go along with them. 

From her Resort 2016 collection, I chose two great dresses:

The red is absolutely striking and the collar, sleeves, and length keep it from looking too grown-up. I love the different ways the lines go, and that it has buttons! All in all, super-cute and ready for anywhere. 

 This looks like something right out of a dream, with the floaty, fairy-like fabric and the red and green towards the bottom. It looks like gossamer, and the wearer will instantly turn into a natural fairy queen. 

This look is from Lela Rose’s Fall 2015 collection. The gingham is very classic, as is the silhouette, but the different sizes brings interest to it. A sophisticated play on a classic with a great pattern and wearability. 
Thanks for reading and check back soon for some New York Fashion Week runway reviews! Comment below and let me know who’s collection you’re looking forward to! Have a great, fun, fashion-filled day!


Mara Hoffman collection images courtesy of Lela Rose images courtesy of 


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