Feminine Florals…AnEditOfFashion-ified!

I love this outfit because it has classic, French romantic elements like the bow on the top, but still has playfulness and modernity due to the rounded shirt hem and unexpected navy of the skirt. Plus, this skirt has many bonuses (see below). 


This top is from J. Crew, and the blush tone reflects the pinks in the nail polish and skirt. At first I was afraid that it would match my skin tone too much, but when paired with redder links, the soft pink stands out. The bow and collar hem are made from a different, more nude material, which I enjoy because of the texture clash. Overall, this top is a great mixing piece, a twist on a staple t-shirt that can be layered for fall and winter but is still very light for hotter seasons. It’s super soft and looks great with any color palette, too! 



This skirt is from Target, and the dark background plays up the slightly blurry-looking floral print. There’s a secret about this skirt though:


Because of the rubbery texture (it’s polyester and caoutchouc), it can be fanned out when it is being used, creating the effect of a tutu or petticoat being worn underneath. It’s stretchy so it requires no fastening, and the textile is layered with scalloped edges included on the hem and waist. Again, this garment works with most colors, and a tucked-in shirt is a must so that you can see all of its gigantic glory. (Also available in a fabulous horizontal black and white stripe.)

I love this polish by Ciate London, called Strawberry Milkshake (it’s also available in their full-size paint pots). I got it in the Ciate London Christmas advent calendar last year, and believe me, it’s a must-have. Most would say it looks like you average pastel, Barbie pink, but this is anything but. There must be some type of white base in it, because the pink literally glows off of your fingertips. Even without top coat, it’s bright and shiny, and Ciate London doesn’t usually chip for me. I used two coats here, but it really only needs one (it’s pretty thick). It almost matches the J. Crew top in this look, and the pinks in all the garments look quite nice together. 

This ring (seen above) is gifted, and I don’t know where it’s from, but I thought I’d show it to you guys anyways. It’s a super bright, reddish pink, and is in the shape of a rose. It’s big without looking too clunky because of the flower’s delicate shape, and fits me perfectly. The details in the petals are beautiful, and it practically matches the flowers on the skirt. 
All in all, this outfit is great for going to a museum, a party, or just walking around. It easily transitions from day to night because of the color spectrum, and is feminine without being too girly. I love this outfit, and all the pieces are staples in my closet. 

Thanks for reading, and please comment below and let me know what you think. 

Have an awesomely fabulous, fashion-filled rest of your day! 



4 thoughts on “ Feminine Florals…AnEditOfFashion-ified!

  1. vogueandunicorns says:

    Ooh I love this look! Any ideas of what shoes this could be worn with? In my opinion, some chelsea boots or Dr. Martens would look super cute with this, but glittery flats would be just as pretty! I am totally going to using this as spring outfit inspiration. Thanks for sharing!


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