Summer Hair

Summer has finally arrived and I am able to share some great and easy ways to do your hair. 

It all starts with the right hairstyle, which can really make or break a look depending on if it reflects any aesthetic or singularities in your outfit. Here are a few favorites:

Bobby Pin Styles:

You can now get bobby pins in any color imaginable (pale lavender, bright white, rose gold, and deep cobalt, to name a few) and in an array of thicknesses and lengths. You can arrange your bobby pins in different ways too, such as a chevron shape, a few placed around the face to get rid of wispy strands of hair, or even creating a “headband” out of them! With so many creative ways to use bobby pins, I’m predicting a bobby pin trend coming up!


Braids and plaits have been gaining popularity lately, and that’s no wonder thanks to their versatility. A braided crown is easy and fresh, while slicker styles include a low, braided bun that can be used for any activity in any place. The bun feels like a nod to the past, while the low, textured qualities give it a futuristic feel. I usually use transparent Sephora hair elastics (magic elastics) with braids because they blend into any color of hair and won’t take away from the style. 


The messy topknot was the trendiest hair style last year, but it’s time to branch out and look at all the other possibilities. A low bun is modern and sleek like a low pony, knotted at the nape of the neck. A bun that sits right towards the back of the top of the head should have tons of volume and be as floofy as possible. There are tons of styles all in between, and I’m sure you’ll find your comfort zone in no time. I find a flash of color in a bun fun, and I need a lot of stretch in an elastic that won’t break, so I use these hair bands to secure my buns.  

To make my buns, I usually start out with a ponytail a little higher than where you want your bun to end up because the weight can weigh it down. Then, I twist my hair around the elastic that secures the pony and then wrap a hair band around that about three times. 

I don’t use hair donuts because I find them difficult, but if any of you know how to do it, please share in the comments. 

Hope you feel inspired and put your own twist on a classic style. These are just categories to get you thinking, there are so many possibilities for each style, I couldn’t name half of them!

Plus, you can use this easy DIY hair accessories organizer to keep track of all your accessories!

Have fun!



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