Spring Trends of 2015

It’s all about the spring trends, which are surprisingly fresh and simple.

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Let’s take a look at the most popular trends this spring:

1. Culottes: This update on classic trousers is bright and bold and a must-have in any closet. Buy some culottes in a nice camel or army green for a casual look, while a nice blood orange will look cheerful and springy. Wear them with a tucked in t-shirt so that the cinched waist is visible and some chunky statement heels. This is not the time for stilettos; a thick heel is fresh and reflects the wide leg of the pant.

2. Gingham: This summery pattern is popping up all over the streets and stores. The stripes can be thick or thin, yielding a large or smallscale print. It looks great on everything from swimsuits to pencil skirts to boxy tops. I love it in a red and white for a picnic or a classic black and white with some canary yellow accents. Plus, gingham looks great with culottes!  🙂

3. Bucket Bags: These are versatile with the many colors, patterns, and textures that they can be made from. I like a smooth jet black leather or a braided rope body with bright, patterned fabric finishing. These are the ultimate unfussy carry-all, casual bag of 2015.

4. Fringe: Bohemian style is resurfacing and what better way to showcase this than through fringe? It’s flowing and swingy, perfect for dancing. It can be long or short and can adorn a number of garments; I especially like it on skirts. I have a black dress from the sixties with thick fringe coming from the yoke; I’m sure you have your favorite fringed piece too. And if you don’t this is the time to buy it! (Or fringe something yourself…)

5. Suede Skirts: These soft skirts are especially popular in minis or knee length pencils. I like suede in dark brown or navy or both, but I think it looks great in any array of darker colors.

6. Denim: Lately I’ve seen an increase in denim popularity. It is now not limited to jeans and jackets, but is being worn in shirtdresses and tunics, tops, vests, and jackets. I like denim jackets in a darker wash, while the tunics should remain light and breezy for a more comfortable relaxed feel with oxfords or some snakeskin flats.

7. Clutches: These hand-held masterpieces are truly works of art with designers like Olympia Le Tan and Edie Parker. They can be fabric or acrylic, but always with flowing color schemes and thought-provoking images or words.

8. Mini Dresses: Hemlines are rising and this time it’s back to the sixties for us. The classic sixties silhouette is also becoming popular with designers. For a fresh spin on the retro staple, try adding a modern accessory to your look.

9. Stripes: Whenever I’m in a style emergency, I always come back to stripes. I love my black and white striped shirt that balances out any print and my white and navy shorts. The stripes can be different widths and either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal to provide a very different look each time.

10. Windowpane Print: This ultra-modern print was popularized this year. The thin lines are flattering and look great on both tops and mini dresses (see above 😉 ). They are a good choice for a minimalist who wants to bring a bit of pattern into their life.

Hope you have a good time finding the trends that fit you and your style and the ones that won’t be entering your closet.

Yours truly,


Images courtesy of polyvore.com.


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