March 30th Style Challenge

           Rock Those Wacky Frames. 

Frames from my collection.


We all have the bestest, most awesome, most wacky pair of sunglasses imaginable, yet they are so close to our hearts and totally express us. Today, take te stares as a compliment and wear those out-of-the-box sunnies with confidence!!!

Theses are some close-ups:

These classic wayfarers are from Target; I also used them for my Karl Lagerfeld Halloween costume.

These glasses are also from Target. The neon yellow edges feel fresh and fun, and will match the sun at the beach!

These were from Forever 21 a year ago. The seafoam rim and the round frames feel retro, while the brown lens makes life feel like a golden sepia photograph.

And of course I had to add a “happy” cat sticker to the arm of the glasses! 😉


I picked up these retro, matte peach cat-eye sunglasses in Chinatown for $10! They also have my coveted light brown lenses. 🙂


Everyone loves Luna Lovegood. I channel her eclectic style by wearing these certified-Harry Potter Spetrespects.


I wore these Lucky Brand, Jackie O.-inspired tortoiseshells to a sixties-themed costume party.


I found these graphic raspberry sunglasses in Chinatown. The modern, thick frames PLUS the little kitty peeking over the top of the left eye make me smile every day.


Well, hope you were inspired to wear your fave frames and thanks for taking a look at my collection.

See you later!



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