Mini Mini Marc Jacobs Honey Fragrance 

Everyine LOOOOVES Marc Jacobs’ fragrances, right? The cute bottles, the nice smells, and a whole lot of compliments: it’s the real deal. But they ARE expensive. 😦 

Here is the answer to your problem, for a limited time only! Now, at CVS Pharmacy, they are selling mini mini Marc Jacobs Honey and Dots, along with other perfumes, for a price range of $13-$16.



I picked up a .13 fluid ounce Honey since I already have a 1 fluid ounce Dot. 

In size comparisom to a one fluid ounce Dot, the body of the Mini Mini Honey is a little smaller than the cap of the Dot.

The Honey Mini Mini, as I will call it because of its itsy-bitsy size, is not a rollerball nor a spray. You pour out the fragrance liquid onto wherever you are applying the perfume, so be careful when opening so as not to spill. 


And when your Mini Mini Honey is out of perfume, keep the bottle, buy a funnel, and refill it with all your samples.

Have fun shopping!



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