Céline vs. Target’s Mossimo

Hi guys! I really love Céline (French leather goods and clothing company)’s handbags. I especially enjoy the look of their Mini Luggage Handbags, cute, smaller versions of the Luggage Handbag original that come in multiple colors/patterns and textiles. 



I was in Target today, and while I passed the handbags section, I noticed two certain totes that stood out against the others. This was because they reminded me of my favorite Céline handbag. These Mossimo purses for $39.99 are a great alternative to the costly Céline originals, although they do appear to have copied many aspects of the Céline version. 



Just thought that I should point out to you that once you put something out in the design world, it’s not yours forever. 

Céline’s Mini Luggage Tote

Target’s Color Block Tote Handbag

Céline images courtesy of Céline, first Target image courtesy of Target and all other images property of AnEditOfFashion. 


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