Carbon and Hyde

So, a few weekends ago I went to the Carbon&Hyde office and met the owners of the fabulous jewelry company, sisters Oren and Yarden Katz. 

After being escorted by a security guard to the office (!), I got to see pieces from their new jewelry collections. I especially enjoyed the “ear jacket”, a pair of earrings with an original twist. The front of the earring is fastened like any normal earring, and then a fan-like part of it is attached to the back. After this piece, a backing is applied. This makes it look as though it is floating behind your ear! 

Oren Katz, co-founder of Carbon&Hyde, showed me through their factory, where she and her sister, Yarden, also choose to work in order to supervise, be in the midst of the action, and, as Oren confided in me, to be able to polish their jewelry when it’s getting especially dull. 


I love all of Carbon&Hyde’s jewelry and since this is such a short post, I hope to be writing more about them in the future. 




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