Could-Be Wedding Outfits from the Spring 2015 Couture Shows

What happens when couture houses inadvertently present dresses, suits, and separates that could be used as wedding garments and outfits? I know! That’s what you use them as.


The gothic, romantical motion of this shimmery raven frock brings a flutter to the heart. Speaking of flutters, the bodice of the gown almost looks like wings awaiting the moment that they can finally take flight. The milkmaid braid looks anything but milkmaidy and brings a sense of little girl whimsy to the seemingly somber dress.

Giambattista Valli Couture:

This tiered, fluffy, pastel gown has many details hiding in between the many tulle layers. From far away, one does not see the sheer blush net that connects the two silver pipe-cleaner-like straps, nor the ruffles of the bodice. The textile used to create the ball gown’s skirt almost looks like bubble wrap; very textured. The modern high-low, asymmetrical hem of the skirt updates the cupcake queen gown.

For the unconventional bride who doesn’t want to wear a dress. She wants a fresh suity separate that won’t get her confused with the groom. (She won’t with this pastel pattern.) The peplum tunic mimics a dress but is worn with matching pants instead. This outfit is new and futuristic, yet feminine and classic at the same exact time. Paradox! 😉

This Giambattista Valli gown has a very Parisian, Coco Chanelly vibe to it. The black veil and hairbow are reflected on the two stripes on the top and the strappy heels. The voluminous cupcake skirt provides an eyecatcher for the audience of the bride. This one’s for the chic city girl that wouldn’t miss fashion week for anything.

Christian Dior:

This dual-piece look is minimalistic and sleek, but girly and feminine with the ankle-revealing, structured skirt. The length somehow goes perfectly with the darted cropped top. The hair shown with the Dior ensemble gives slick volume and could be changed or kept the way shown when worn at a wedding.


This dreamy white ensemble was both structured and fluffy. From the poofy headpiece to the lacy evening gloves to the floor-length skirt, this outfit was the perfect last piece for the Chanel collection and will also look beautiful as the AHH!!! piece walking down the aisle.

Chanel showed a very floral collection for 2015 Spring. This beautiful confection of tulle layers and 3-dimensional flowers blended in perfectly with the origami and paper plants that bloomed on the runway. I believe that this look could totally be used to get married in for the whimsical dreamer, the botanical gardener, or the high-fashion risk-taker.

Well, that’s all! Hope you found some inspiration and have a great day! XOXO,

AnEditOfFashion. ❤

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