Valentine’s Day Heart Pillow with Pocket

This is a cute craft that I am doing for the second time now. It is basically a stuffed, embroidered heart that you can give as a gift or be greedy ad keep it to yourself (Heeheehee!).IMG_5757This is my first heart pillow with pocket for Valentines Day. Cute, huh? This one is for my neighbor!
So by now you’re probably totally DYING to see how to make this, and here’s how: (READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE STARTING PROJECT!)
These are your materials:


Step 1: Gather your materials: embroidery floss (in however many colors), an embroidery needle, a sheet of felt, a patterned fabric, a solid fabric, scissors, a sharpie or marker, and a heart pattern (below).
This is a link to the website that I got the heart pattern from:

Step 2: Using the heart pattern, cut out your five hearts: two large felt, one small felt, one small solid fabric, and one small printed fabric. Use the sharpie to trace the heart pattern onto the bad side of your fabrics.

Step 3: Thread a needle, knot it, and embroider the initial of the recipient of the heart onto one of the smaller hearts ( I am using my patterned one.) The stitch that you will use here is a running stitch with no spaces in between, which will look like this:

Step 4: Layer your three small hearts on the good side of one of your large hearts..

You will need a LONG piece of thread. Now, sew the hearts (using the running stitch) together, keeping them in the layering format. This is the hardest part. Go around till here, like this:

Then, pivot and sew along the top of the patterned/bottom heart. After this, make huge stitch along the back of the large heart so that you are at where you started sewing along the top of the bottom heart. Stitch down to wear you began to sew the smaller hearts on and tie it off on the back. The opening in the middle heart makes a small pocket.

Step 5: Now, we will attach both of the large hearts together. Using a blanket stitch (sew upwards and before going all the way, put needle through loop of thread), sew around the edges of the large hearts, leaving a small space that is big enough for you to stuff it through. Again, use a long piece of thread!

Step 6: Stuff the pillow with stuffing and close the while off with more blanket stitching. If you like, attach a string to the top of the heart so that it can be hung somewhere. Here’s how mine looks:

Hope you had fun! Sewing is awesome and now you know why!!! Have a great day!<


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