Weird High Fashion Trends of 2014: Funky or Fresh?

Okay: So lately I’ve noticed some out-there fashion trends that I know sound kind of cool. And today I wanted to share some of my favorites to inspire you. Which one will you try?


Eyecandy: There’s been a lot of interesting eyewear out recently in lines such as Givenchy and Diane von Furstenberg. Now let’s take a look at what the rage is all about:

Velvet Eyeglasses:

Velvet-trimmed eyewear was recently popularized by brands such as Givenchy (pictured above) and family-run Italian boutique Nugnes. If you wear these, be ready to stroke your sunglasses!


DVF popularized this high-tech accessory when she sent them down her New York Fashion Week runway.

Here we see Diane herself sporting her eyecandy in a restaurant.

Home-Made: All of a sudden, 2014 became the year for couture and luxury brands to start manufacturing home-made-looking goods, most notably at Chanel Spring 2014.

This Chanel backpack exudes an art-student taking whatever she could find and looping it onto her old, run-down Chanel backpack: a charm attached to a paperclip, bungee cords, an unwound bracelet. You can interpret this backpack in any way that relates to your life. What would you put on your backpack?

Logo Freak: 2014 may as well have been the year of the logo. Brand names adorned everything (take a look at the backpack above) and plenty sported them. Here, we don’t need an explanation: you’ll be able to guess the brand just by taking a look at the pieces.

Louis Vuitton, as always:

DKNY and Cara Beanies:

DKNY x Cara Delevingne DKNY x CARA Beanie

There were plenty of trends this past year, but these three stood out to me because: either you think it’s funky or it’s fresh. 😉


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