Ciaté Chalkboard Manicure Review

This Christmas, I received the Chalkboard Manicure Set by Ciaté and I just wanted to let you guys know about how it worked out for me. This set comes with 4 nail chalks with cute names: Recess (yellow), Teacher’s Pet (blue), Satchel (white), and Jump Rope (pink), I chalkboard paint pot, 1 mattnificent matte top coat, and 1 chalkboard nails how-to imageguide. This set is as impressive as all the other Ciaté nail sets with detailed instructions and satisfying paint pots. The matte top coat looks great on top of any polish. The chalkboard polish dries fairly quickly and the nail chalks do great and are bright once they are pressed against a hard surface or shaken for a while. The nails look great when dry but chip pretty quickly. These nails work great for a party or one-day event. Buy a set now; they’re almost out of stock and are going down in price!


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