Formal or Fun?

I know, I know, I haven’t done an outfit post yet. So today, I decided I will go through with it and show you an outfit that can be dressed down or dressed up.

This outfit is businessy with a fun twist with the color on the flower and the cuff. I love the blazer and the almost-Chanelly top. The whole outfit is Forever 21 and the flower on the blazer is actually a hair clip  all of this was bought in May and may not still be available. Sorry!

DSC_0058Formal or fun? What do you think?

Bye for now! (More coming later.)


2 thoughts on “Formal or Fun?

  1. vogueandunicorns says:

    Totally funmal! (Formal & fun). I think that the outfit has a really cute quality to it, but could still be worn to a fancy occasion. I love your style! (By the way, I think that it would look brilliant with a hat.) : )


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