Do You Really Need THAT One?

You walk into Sephora and smell the essences of a thousand and one perfumes, encased in beautiful colored glass bottles named after flowers, muses, and major brand names. You see row after opulent row of bright, flamboyant, and alluring nail polishes. Who’s there to tell you that you can’t buy a third lime green? It’s from your favorite brand name AND the packaging is ultra-modern. You see displays of bright, powdery eyeshadows and creamy, glossy, or matte lipsticks on the counters. The glosses have names such as Creme Bouquet, Funny Face, and Roman Holiday, and studs or mirrors on the inside of the caps that make you want to purchase them even more. You already own all the eyeshadow colors and yet you can’t wait to add the Marc Jacobs or Benefit one to your collection. The packaging and the names, all small details that cost the supplier next to nothing and you even more, are the only reason you are going to RE-buy the beauty products that you can easily pull off YOUR shelves at home already. So next time you walk into Sephora or Ulta or see an attention-calling makeup campaign in a magazine that seems to be all-ads, no content, think. Do I really need to get THIS one when the one you put on this morning is just called something else? So today, ๐Ÿ˜€ and save for something you actually want.


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