Quiz 1: How Much Do You Really Know About Fashion?

Well, we know you love fashion, but what do you really know about it? Take this quiz to find out. No peeky-peekies into the answers; we REALLY want to know. Be honest, have fun and don’t be discouraged: only Anna Wintour could ace this one!


1. What is Proenza Schouler named after?

a.) the creator’s names

b.) locations in Italy

c.) the creator’s mothers’ maiden names

d.)  the creator’s iguana

2. Who is the current creative director at Saint Laurent?

a.) What’s Saint Laurent?

b.) Hedi Slimane

c.) Yves Saint Laurent

d.) Sarah Burton

3. What was the Chanel 2014 Fall RTW Collection based off of?

a.) flowers

b.) fruit

c.) a & b

d.) none of the above

4. What is end-on-end?

a.) a type of zipper

b.) an eyebrow plucking technique

c.) a type of fabric

5. What do LBD and RTW stand for?

a.) little black dress and ready to wear

b.) luxury-bag double and real tight womens’ wear

c.) little blue day dress and red town wear

6. What is Pucci famous for?

a.) multi-color organically-shaped prints

b.) botanical garden prints

c.) vertical black and white pinstripes

7. Who is NOT part of the Versace family?





1.=c, 2=b, 3=d, 4=b, 5=a, 6=a, 7=a


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