“middle-grade” books for cool kids: magical realism, fantasy, + sci-fi

Hello and happy new year! To kick off 2018, I'm starting a series about my favorite books from elementary and middle school to help avid readers stuck in the middle-grade genre find more books that interest them. Before I ventured into the YA genre, I had trouble finding books that would interest me. I felt … Continue reading “middle-grade” books for cool kids: magical realism, fantasy, + sci-fi

“she likes daisies best of all”: Picnic at Hanging Rock + Marc Jacobs’s Daisy

Cult classic film Picnic at Hanging Rock has served as inspiration for many, from the alt-fashion world's perennial favorite Chloe Sevigny to Ezra Koenig of the band Vampire Weekend. While watching the most recent Marc Jacobs Daisy campaign video, I noticed a striking similarity between it and Picnic at Hanging Rock. Whole scenes were almost exactly the same, as … Continue reading “she likes daisies best of all”: Picnic at Hanging Rock + Marc Jacobs’s Daisy

summer lights

Summer is the time to refresh wardrobes and open windows. One version of summer style I have been inspired by is made up of clothes with light and subtle color palettes and classic, cool shapes. The following is more like a mood board than anything, based loosely around components like white linen and light wash denim. For example, the … Continue reading summer lights

Summer Reading Part I

This is the first installment in my summer reading series, which will include books that define summer for me based on their seasons, settings, or themes. Most young adult books, or any books involving teenagers, are centered around coming of age, and summer is the quintessential time to do so. Below, reviews of four very … Continue reading Summer Reading Part I

Out of Proportion

Exaggerated proportions, especially shoulders, were big on the Fall '17 runways. Of course Rei Kawakubo's collection for Comme des Garcons was incredibly strange and powerful, and Thom Browne showed a darkly businesslike collection. Undercover's Renaissance women traveled to the future and back again. Read on for more on this phenomenon as well as my first … Continue reading Out of Proportion

Autumnally Springy

Hello! I know I always open outfit posts by saying I never do outfit posts, but here we go with another, this time a very casual transitional look. This outfit is something that I like for all seasons. With the autumnal colors, but the light fabrics and optional jacket, it works any time of the … Continue reading Autumnally Springy

Velvet, Velvet, Velvet!

Velvet is officially a thing. Since it's so trendy (insert the guiltiest of guilty faces here) this fall, lots of fast fashion retailers are buying in on it. And, as your ever faithful guide, I'm here to show you the best of the best. Among other retailers, chains Urban Outfitters and Zara have introduced whole … Continue reading Velvet, Velvet, Velvet!